This is also called cart type system. In this system, the vihicle is moved by the lift which then transfer it to a cart on one of the multi level. The carts then travel horizontally and place the vehiclein its appropriate slot. This system can accomodate as little as 20 vehicle to several thousand units. It Is therefore suitable for large scale projects. It can move more than 2 veehicles at the same time for maximum efficiency. This system is suitable for middle and large-scale buildings as well as independent public parking garage.

    Characteristics & Merits

  • It is very safe because of the perfact double safty equipment.The control is very simple,so it can be operated easily by everyone.
  • The two level type is more favorable when alarge-sized underground parking lot is designed.
  • Simple demand of earthwork.Very flaxible, can be arranged according to various landform
  • Less power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection
  • Very short parking/retrieval cycle