This system is very flaxible & it can be built according to customer requirement from 2 to 4 layers. It can stack upto 4 cars where u currently park 1 car. The pallets(platforms) on the top layer do up-down movements while the one on the ground layer perform left-right horizontal movements.

The other(middle) ones can move either left left to right or up & down through continuous space shift,so parking or fetching a vehicle out can be carried out.

Characteristics & Merits

  • It is very safe because of the perfact double safty equipment.The control is very simple,so it can be operated easily by everyone.
  • The two level type is more favorable when alarge-sized underground parking lot is designed.
  • Simple demand of earthwork.Very flaxible, can be arranged according to various landform
  • Less power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection
  • Very short parking/retrieval cycle