This unique system is designed to permit parking upto a maximum of 12 cars,on the surface area required to park 2 cars.In this system an automobile is put in the cage & the cage rotates up & down as well as right & left,thus the vehicle is automatically parked by the system.The parked car is easily retrieved by pushing the button for the relevant position no. car is parked on. This leaves an empty parking space available at ground level,for the next cars to be parked on.

Characteristics & Merits
  • 8-12 cars can be parked in the area for 2 cars.(equivalent to 30 Sq Mts)
  • It doesn't come under the building-to-land ratio.
  • As it rotates to a closer side, the time requird for an automobile to be put in and taken out is short.
  • Low Maintanance levels requird by the system
  • Does not require a parking attendent
  • Easily constructed in a small ares,just requiring a simple concrete base & 3 phase electricity.
  • Unlike concrete structure,It can be dismantled & relocated if required.