This system is installed underground where it has the upper enterence design. In optima type parking vehicles move vertically with elevators at each end.This system is 8 times more efficient then conventional parking type.It consisit of several levels in which the pallets move horizontally.It is suitable for small & mid-sized buildings.

Characteristics & Merits
  • Because this type of parking has 8 times more efficient use of space than the non-mechanical parking type,relatively small underground space ca be used to the maximum.
  • The newest technology will make it possible to construct upto 6 levels.
  • The speed of lifting has been dramatically increase with the adoption of the highspeed lifting method so that the time requested for the automobiles to be put in & taken out has been extremely shortened.
  • Because it is equipped with a turn table inside,forward driving-in & out is possible thus,parking is more convenient.
  • The operation is easier with the adoption of touch-screen.
  • Trouble self-diagnosing function
  • Fall & overrun prevention system