We offer complete range of Vertical,Horizontal & Rotary movement Solution for Parking systems. Our expertise in vehicle lifts enabled us to develop customized parking system for commercial as well as residential projects.


Stacker Parking

This is a dependent Parking system for two cars. The system is equipped with a single platform,allowing long-term parking on the upper level & short-term parking on the lower one. For use of the upper platform remove the vehicle from the lower parking space.

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Pit Parking

The system provides multi-layer parking lots which utilize the above & underground space. So it is a system with high space utilization ratio. It has the advantage of short waiting period fr entering or getting a car with low energy consumption. This system is suitable for medium & large-scale building ,as well as public parking facilities.

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Easy Parking

This system is very flaxible & it can be built according to customer requirement from 2 to 4 layers. It can stack upto 4 cars where u currently park 1 car. The pallets(platforms) on the top layer do up-down movements while the one on the ground layer perform left-right horizontal movements.

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Best Parking

This is also called cart type system. In this system,the vehicle is moved by the lift which then transfer it to a cart on one of the multi level. The carts then travel horizontally & place the vehicle in its appropriate slot.This system can accommodate as little as 20 vehicles to several thousand units.

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Optima Parking

This system is installed underground where it has the upper enterence design. In optima type parking vehicles move vertically with elevators at each end.This system is 8 times more efficient then conventional parking type.It is suitable for small & mid-sized buildings.

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Family Parking

This unique system is designed to permit parking upto a maximum of 12 cars,on the surface area required to park 2 cars.In this system an automobile is put in the cage & the cage rotates up & down as well as right & left,thus the vehicle is automatically parked by the system.

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Speedy Parking

Parking tower is an eveator type parking system which is designed for a platform to move vehicles & park them automatically so that the vehicle can move up & down in the parking place arranged in a multi-story way.It takes an area equivalent to 3 parking cars.

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