The system provides multi-layer parking lots which utilize the above & underground space. So it is a system with high space utilization ratio. It has the advantage of short waiting period fr entering or getting a car with low energy consumption.In this system one level is in the pit.The pallets on the top layer and bottom layer do vertical movement,while the pallets on the middle layer do horizontal movements.

This system is suitable for medium & large-scale building ,as well as public parking facilities.

Characteristics & Merits

  • Excelling safety is guranteed because it is equipped with multiple safety eqipments.
  • The system is user friendly with low noise, low vibration.
  • Very Low Energy Consumption
  • Retrieval time 30 second to 90 seconds
  • Due to rugged designe, the life of the equipment conservatively expected to be atleast for 20 years.
  • Emergency Stop Switch is installed inside the operating panel.If the switch is activated in emergency,the power is cut off to the main motor & all operations are stopped.
  • Safety Locks get activated when platform reached the desired position stop free falling.
  • Over-travel Limit Switch are fitted to prevent the over travel of the pallets.
  • Stopper is installed at the maximum position to which car can be driven onto the pallet.