Parking tower is an eveator type parking system which is designed for a platform to move vehicles & park them automatically so that the vehicle can move up & down in the parking place arranged in a multi-story way.It takes an area equivalent to 3 parking cars.On aplot of 48 Square Meters(516ft),it can park upto 50 Cars.There is no need for driveways,access ramp & stair ways.

Characteristics & Merits
  • THe application of high-speed vector-controlled elevating system makes it possibile to put in & take out automobiles rapidaly.
  • Each story has a height of 1,61 meters for high efficiency of using space.
  • Excellent safety is guranteed because it is equipped with multiple safety equipments.
  • Because the built-in turn tables are adopted for the automobiles to be parked with their heads forward,it is very convenient to put in end take out automobiles.
  • Because of the integrated control by computers, the operation can be easily monitored & the operation is very easy.
  • This system is designed with low noise,low vibration.