This is a dependent Parking system for two cars. The system is equipped with a single platform,allowing long-term parking on the upper level & short-term parking on the lower one. For use of the upper platform remove the vehicle from the lower parking space.This system is suitable for medium & large buildings & it can also be installed into existing buildings.

A lengthwise or breath wise arrangement may be selected according to the condition of the site.

Characteristics & Merits

  • Hydraulic Cylinder It is used for lifting the pallet.It is much safer.It requires very low maintenance.
  • Pallets The pallets are made usimg 2 mm thick Galvnaized steel to prevent deflection. the pallets are provided with stopper to prevent movement of cars during pallet movement.Its anti skid design gives additional strength.
  • Due to rugged design,the life of the equipment I conservatively expected to be atleast for 20 years.
  • Over-travel Limit Switch-These are fitted to prevent the over travel of the pallets.
  • Emergency Stop-This switch is installed inside the operating level.If the switch is activated in emergency, the power is cut off the main motor and all operations are stopped.
  • Safety Locks:Mechanical Locks to avoid free fall.
  • Very low emergency consumption.